Friday, September 14, 2012

A super quick sew

Yesterday I was able to get a little sewing done. I was frist able to convince my son to go to the fabric store, because we where going to make him a Halloween bag. He is so much more pleasant to take to the fabric store when the sewing project is for him. We looked at all the Halloween fabric and he choose these for his bag.

I think he did a great job. This is the bag I created for him.

I followed this lovely tutorial Simple reversible totebag.  I modified the pattered by adding a accent piece to the top. Overall I keep the bag 13 1/2" by 14, but instead of cutting two 13 1/2 by 14" pieces, I cut out two 13 1/2 by 3 3/4" and two 13 1/2 by 10 3/4" and sewed those pieces together. I also changed  the straps, because I wanted them to have different fabrics on each side. So I cut two 2 by 20" strip from each of the fabrics I wanted to use. Then sewed them together and flipped right side out and sew into the bag as directed. 

Here he is with his new Halloween bag.

He just can wait to get out there.


Jera MacKenzie

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